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Written in the middle of a fight between T and V.

I took a deep breath and exhale white smoke to the bright sky illuminated by the smiling silvery crescent. My wristclock ticks rhytmically like it’s supposed to be, each is the sound of Death’s footstep sounding on the alley of fate.

I looked down, watching the light passing by in a flash, encroaching the wet ashpalt after the big rain washing away Jakarta. A big rain always wash away Jakarta, all the time. I grabbed the dark pseudo-square shaped bottle beside me and let the burning sensation crawling and scratching down my neck through my stomach.

My head felt light, it’s like flying.

I spread my hands, letting the wind blown itself between my fingers. The brown-bottomed cigarette slipped through my hand to the land below. I breathe heavily, the taste of alcohol sliding through my tongue to the air I breathe.

Daemos laughed at my ear.

Wind blows harder, I jumped. Thirty stories tall, thirty stories fall, to her hug, come I shall….

My shirt flaps behind my back, flying off my shoulder into the night sky like a white dove, the sign of all the peaceful bullshit in this insane universe. Peace be with me, as I will rest soon.

Thank Lord for the limited time of living.

I wonder if you ever press Z on photoshop and keep on clicking on the photo and the picture keep on expanding bigger and bigger, blurrer and blurrer.





Blurry grey.

Jet black.

Flying black feathers surrounding me, I lay on my bed facing the infinite voidness above me. Cold stone on my back, reminding me I still have one of my senses.

Second reminder come across my cheek with loud noise. The stinging hot sensation spread like water falling to a cobblestone.

“Don’t be lazy,” he said. “You know it’s useless, you can’t take anyone’s life…”

“But mine,” I replied.

Another Death-related story. I’m jut sooo creative.


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