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Thoughts on Batman V Superman – Spoiler Stuffs

This is not a good movie. There are problems in story and how the narrative being delivered. It seriously could do more with better writings and storytelling. But I left the theater happy and excited. I wanna watch it again and I can’t wait for the extended director’s cut version. I’ll tell you why later.

This long writing will be oozing with spoilers, plots, and all that such so please skip this if you haven’t watch the movie

So the problems. The story is extremely predictable, it’s the very basic story of two heroes fighting because of misunderstanding and shit happens because of the mwahahahahaha guy want to take over the world or something. This is as basic as Kreyshawn’s “Gucci-Gucci”. But basic is not alway bad, ain’t it? Deadpool’s story was basic as fuck and it still delivers well. The question is” does it executed well?

Well… not really. There’s a lot of “why the fuck” and “how the fuck” ensued (especially Lex-related) as well as Lois Lane that slowly turning into walking cliché. There’s some specific scenes where I groaned madly and have something to do with Lois.

And it kinda affect Supes as well. This movie somehow is void of any character development that we got from the previous movie. I really expected to see how killing Zod affected his character, how it change him as a person, but that’s just void. That being said, Henry Cavill is already Supes. He already walking in his skin and I see the Man of Steel on screen. Props for that.

There are a lot of complaint about why he interfere with Batman’s action, why he pick a fight with him, but that’s actually quite simple: Batman simply kill and hurt people without remorse. It really against his boy scout value and it could rise an interesting conversation about the value of “justice” because both heroes enforced their own. But the movie didn’t deliver that well. They just tease with the idea when both guy met at Lex’s party and make the reason seem weak.

Same thing with Supes’ trial. it could’ve been more, could’ve raised a lot more conversation, a lot deeper. The movie seems rushing on the informations and hoping us will connect the dots on our own. Sadly, had they been focusing on these things more we can relate with both heroes more and make us more invested to the fight between those two.

And Doomsday’s use is just plain lazy. I can’t defend that at all. Tho this is the second time I see tentacles in Snyder movie after MoS. I wonder if there’s a pattern here…

By the way, Batman kills people, yes. Straight up bam-bam Frank Castle type with machine gun and blowing up cars and it’s totally out of character. Batman have a strong no-kill policy and he just ignore that in this movie. Some people have problem with it but I am intrigued because of the banter between Bruce and Alfred clearly show that they’ve been through a lot and there are changes in Bruce after all these years.

Alfred: “That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.”
Bruce Wayne: “Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?”

And I’m intrigued, I’m curious about what happened that make Bruce throw all those values out of the window and be the man he is? What triggered all the nightmares, the fears, and the movie left us hanging with assumptions.

Pretty much like Supes’ scream after he killed Zod in previous movie.

Snyder seems to just having too much fun playing with “subtlety”, semiotics and subliminals. He tried too hard to “show, not tell” and it’s extremely problematic when the picture is dark and grainy.

Perry White: [to Clark]: “You don’t get to decide what the right thing is!”

Now I sound like I hate this movie, but I don’t. I really don’t. I really got invested with the opening scene, I was on the edge of my seat and feeling Bruce’s emotion when his building collapsed and he looked at Supes with anger. When he run straight to the falling building and helping people with his own hands… that’s Bruce. That’s fucking Bruce and I LOVE it. The Bat v Supes fight also insane, and the climax with Doomsday is just fun to watch.

I love every single Batman moment here, he was strong, brutal, and fucking scary. I really am hoping Suicide Squad do this Batman justice (no pun intended). Kudos for Affleck, I have faith on this guy since the announcment day and it really pays off.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman have a lot of potentials and I can’t wait to see more in her upcoming movie. Say whatever you want about her physicality but this woman can fight. She’s elegant, seductively classy, great sense of fashion and really beautiful as Diana Prince, badass mofo as Wonder Woman.

I talked with a friend and we both agree (I think) that Lex is a decent villain. He’s DCEU Shane McMahon (or Martin Skhreli) and I want to punch him on his fucking teeth. So I guess it works. Even though I think he got less interesting as a characted during the last 20% of the movie, especially when he talked about how his dad hit him. A bit too sudden. And his ploy is too convinient. I believe there can be better explanation on what and how he do things but please refer to Snyder’s narrative problem. His dialogues are awesome though, so fucking despicable and campy I love it.

There are fair amount of action scenes, and every single action is perfectly shot. It’s beautiful, brutal it’s rough, but it’s totally clear and I can see what happened on screen. I can see every punch and kick, it gets my adrenaline pumping, the action scenes are exactly the kind of actions what I want to see from this movie.


Unrelated note: the Batman fight scenes here make me believe there’s a big Raid influence to Hollywood.

Alfred is also great. The wit, the mannerism, the delivery, it’s perfect. It’s not the traditional butler-Alfred, but I can’t say no to this new approach of Alfred. It’s great, really great.

Seriously guys, I’d love to talk more but I will sound like a rabid fanboy. There are so many things I enjoyed and this movie made me a happy fan, even though with all its flaws. I will watch it again for the third time and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming DCEU movies.

Let’s end this with the proper song.


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