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Teaser Gold Cobra

New look

0:00 – April fools joke
0:20 – Douchebag
1:21 – Why Try
4:12 – 90 To 10
4:55 – Shark Attack
7:28 – Walking Away

Yep, Limp Bizkit’s back. With original lineup, original sound (okay, Significant Others sound), original look (I know, shut up), and everything they’re supposedly good at. Gw sendiri agak terbelah, karena dua album sebelum ini mungkin adalah penurunan kualitas terdrastis setelah Hoobastank dan “The reason” (I swear, that song is the biggest crap they ever release).

Fred Durst sendiri adalah salah satu paradoks terbesar di hidup gw. Granted, he’s the reason why I grabbed the microphone years ago at my 3rd grade on junior high. Yet, he also the second biggest asshole in the universe after goatse. I even still unrealizingly grabbed my crotch when I was wearing a skinny jeans. Fuck you, Durst. Fuck you to make me so juvenile.

Anyway, back to the album. I won’t put my hope too high, especially on the fact that this album’s sound is about a decade too late. But hey, it’s Bizkit. Maybe this’ll be a new hit here? I dunno.


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