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So yeah, about that shit…

…I did get paid.

I apologize to people affected by the smoke. I know the whole campaign and the framing it serves might hurt you directly or indirectly so I apologize for being the part of this.

You can leave now, but if you happen to wonder why I wanted to get paid for tweeting stuffs like that and risking to jeopardize my reputation for such small amount of money, please read along.

It happened on one afternoon when someone contacted me asking for joining a buzz team to talk about forest fire, an issue that’s always being talked about lately due to the smoke and smog it caused. My initial thought was: “hey, it’s a good cause, no? Small money for raising awareness, why not?” and I stupidly said yes without even bother asking about the details thinking that I can do small research later on.

But turns out the campaign start pronto.

I saw how it went and since the topic was about turning this whole forest fire situation into national disaster status and I though: “yeah this might be awee bit political but hey, national disaster status means more exposure and this whole fire situation would be handled as soon as possible, right?” (answer: not really, but that’s another story) so I thought it’s all good. The campaign then ran over the weekend with briefs being sent on the D-day less than an hour before the campaign started, then the whole conversation went kinda sour. I began to question the situation but I didn’t really pay attention (nor tweeting, actually) because I was on a date.

At this point y’all might see me as an ignorant motherfucker (and a shitty buzzer) so yeah… that was my biggest mistake; not paying attention.

I realize how dire the situation was much later in the campaign and ended up tweeting the hashtag with stuffs outside the brief to save my ass but it is what it is now.

Honestly if any of y’all be mad at me, please do, I deserve that. Hell, I even mad at me.

One, for being reckless in saying yes and not doing my homework first.
Two, for letting myself getting played supporting cause I’m not believe in.
Three, for not having enough cojones to walk away when I feel there’s something wrong.

But hey, it’s all said and done. I’m just here to explain the situation and honestly I’m much much much more pissed to myself than most of you might be towards me. I can stay silent, if y’all track my tweets y’all find that I was tweeting “safe” stuffs (I didn’t delete those) with that longass hashtag and I can walk away denying that I was ever be the part of this campaign.

Yet I put this out anyway because I owe myself a set of honesty and I have to own my stupid, stupid mistake.

If somehow I still sound like I’m defending myself here, I’m sorry probably it’s my human instinct speaking and probably because I am still mad on something else.

Because on the flipside, I feel like I’m tricked into this situation. I didn’t sign up for this war and literally NO ONE bother to put out any mitigation plan to save the buzzer’s ass when shit hit the fan. The one handling the campaign pull a Pilatus and doesn’t seem to care about the buzzers, plus the business relation doesn’t matter to me that much since I don’t usually buzz anyway. So put me on your company’s buzzer blacklist for all I care, I don’t give a fuck. Thanks for reminding me why I spent good amount of time in my life avoiding to buzz commercially.

Be mad at me, but kindly acknowledge that there’s some people else deserve your anger whom future business relation you should question as well.

I’m not innocent nor trying to impose myself as one, but if you manage to read this far, take this as a cautionary tale that you should tread carefully before taking part in matter like this. When it comes to movement, do something you really-really believe in. If you want to get paid, do commercial buzz only on commercial stuffs and make sure the company you buzz ain’t problematic. Life’s easier that way.

Paling mentok rate lo di-mark up.

…I should stay away from this business.

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