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How to be A Man

To be a man is not about how to keep your manner.
Not about how much money you are making for your family.
Not about how many years have gone by in your life.

To be a man is to be responsible to ourselves
To accept that we are flawed
To admit that we make mistakes
To be brave to apologise

To put effort to fix all the fuck-ups that was done in the past
And never blame anyone but us

To be a man is to love, not to tie
To understand that sometimes our partner need times alone
To acknowledge that you never “own”.
To let her wander and hug her when she got “home”

To be a man is to nurture, not to order
To guide, not to point
To walk side by side and understand the meaning of “together”
To understand that no one is superior

You can be young and also be man
Just put your mind in the sky and your feet on the land

And make yourself happy as you wish everyone else should be

– March 2015

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