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Happy Birthday–

Last night as usual, I fell asleep suddenly, and awoken after midnight. And can’t sleep until morning come.

Yes, I chatted with some people, play with my DS, but there’s some restlessness I can’t remove from my heart.

Then I try to sleep.

And suddenly my toe hurts like it’s been tied to a string and pulled down.

Of course, no one’s there.

And as I try to sleep again, there are voices of someone coming and a boy welcome him in a very loud, manly, voice.

Of course, no one’s in front of my room.

Now that I’m trying to sleep for the third time, a little girl’s voice called my name and knock the door.

And I ignored her.

By the morning, I wake up and realize the date.

And I feel guilty.

Really guilty.

Happy birthday, to both of you, my little geminis. Be good to each other. I’ll try my best to visit you guys tonight.

‘Pa love you.

(One question tho’ who’s that girl?)


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