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Dear Geminis

Dear you, little self. Pay a visit to ‘ma? I hope she’s doing okay there, I know I’m being really busy lately (in fact, I’m still on my way home from working now) but that doesn’t mean I forget any of you. These tattoos will make me remember each of you, though I never hold you guys in my arm.

I love you. Equally.

I know lately I’m being a jerk. I didn’t treat ‘ma and the way I’m supposed to. I swing girls like crazy lately and overworking myself too. I dunno what’s wrong, but I fail to fulfill half of my promises to you guys.

Hahah, I guess an apology would be insufficient now, wouldn’t it?

I’m trying and still trying for the best. Please be happy wherever you are now.

Love, ‘Pa.

P.s: come see me anytime you want to :).


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