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a letter

Hello, Loves.

How are you guys? I know it’s kinda silly for me keep sending these anonymous letters, acting as if anyone would understand or you would read there but hey…

If I’m delusional, I’m delusional on loving you. And that’s something I can still be proud of, regarding all these and those.

I made this new tatt, I tried to combine you all on my right arm, in peace. Something I would NEVER be able to do EVUH.

But I digress.

I have something special for Mika this year. I fucked up when I made your tatt last time, t’was jageddy and not so… cool. Esp compared to Mao’s. So yeah, I bought this necklace as a silly gift I use meself, for reasons I actually have no idea what.

The fuck.

Yes, I’m drunk like a… drunk I was. I’m at an office party and everything is justifiable.

Or so I justify myself.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I’ll kept on saying it til it lost its novelty.

I’m on the beach now, not the “beach” per se, but it’s still the same beach nevertheless…

And I miss y’all. I wish everything went better than it was, and nothing painful happened to neither of us.

Or at least just give all the hurt to me, I don’t mind.

But hey, how everything run today is just weird. I avoided the beach for a really long time and BOOM, here I am. Here I fucking am with all these stupid smiles on my face.

I’m sad, yet I’m happy. You’re not here in my arm, but I know deep in my heart there’s this unbreakable bond. Blood bond that will keep us all together somehow.

And when I cry tonight, I please don’t be sad.

Because you know what’s the tear is all about, and it’s definitely NOT sadness.

I’m running out of words.

I’m running out of booze.

I miss you, boys. I really do. And I know someday we all will be together, no matter how.

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