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Why Inter-Religion debate is stupid?

Because it just is by default.

Growing up in a very diverse community making me a pretty loose person that despise fanaticism, from religion until boyband. It kinda make me laugh when some of my friends back in high school try to convert me into “real, pure, 100% moslem untainted by this catholic school”. Here’s an illustration how it went (mind that I kinda forget the details since it’s already a few years back):

friend 1 : Can, do you believe in God?

me : Duh…

friend 1 : No, I just never see you on Friday’s prayer.

me : Nah, I don’t feel like it. Besides, I don’t believe in religion.

friend 1 : Then you’re an atheist!

me : No, I believe in God, not religion.

friend 1 : Then who is your God?

me : He’s… God! How is this relevant again?

friend 1 : Who your God is depends on your religion. That’s why we have Alloh and Allah

me : Wait a minute…

friend 1 : What?

me : That’s linguistics!

friend 1 : No, that’s faith.

me : Then religionless people have no God?

friend 1 : Yes, and that makes you an atheist.

me : Hey, I believe in God, okay? What differs YOUR God and THEIR god anyway?

friend 1 : My God don’t breed.

friend 2 : Excuse me, what did you just say? (apparently he’s overhearing)

friend 1 : My God don’t breed

friend 2 : Well at least my God allows His book to be translated.

friend 1 : And revised by human.

friend 2 : At least it’s not twisted to allow massacre!

friend 1 : Who said you don’t? Remember the crusaders?

friend 2 : You twist your Book to allow Polygamy!

friend 1 : It’s for their own good.

friend 2 : Says who?

friend 1 : My prophet have wives, and they are happy!

friend 2 : Prophet? Oh, the one with no face?

friend 1 : We respect him by not drawing his face. At least he’s keep his clothes on!

friend 2 : You’re a jerk

friend 1 : You’re a dick

(and this is the moment where I sneak out of the room)

With all due respect to the religious people out there, please stop ruining the value of your own religion. No religion is better than the others, and please, please. Stop trying to convert each other. There’s something bigger than your ego in religion.


(taken from my old Facebook notes)


2 thoughts on “Why Inter-Religion debate is stupid?

  1. Kurayama Kawagichi says:

    Kadang orang terlalu cepat mengambil keputusan ketika memberi label pada orang lain.

    Padahal sama-sama agama Samawi.. *sigh*


    Dengan latar belakang sama, bisa berjarak jauh seperti saat ini. Karena siapa? Apa? Manusia. Dengan segala tetek bengek keegoisannya.

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