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I Don’t Understand People Sometimes

I don’t understand people sometimes.

We live in a patriarchal society where men are basically forced to dominate, to be leader, to “own”, otherwise he’ll be seen as someone that… well… not a man. And I don’t understand that.

Maybe I am an anomaly, but I always see these domination part of men as a sign of weakness. The very proof of how incompetent they are as a human being. I’m not a good guy. I fuck around, I break hearts, I have potty mouth and all that jazz. But one thing I really try not to do is making my partner a trophy for me.

There’s a sense of pride in men when they have a partner that follow whatever their order is.

“Don’t hang out with your bad friends!”
“Don’t wear revealing clothes!”

And all those fucking beta bullshit. When a man say that to a girl, she’s a trophy, not a partner.

You don’t need to tell your partner what to do, you trust them to never do anything that will hurt you. You inform them your problems and let them decide what to do (or not) to accommodate you dealing with your problems and insecurity. You give them the freedom as a human being to decide what is best to do according to their judgement.
Why? Because that way you let them get inside your head, understands you, knows what you want and what you need. You instill the understanding part in the relationship, not just fear of being scold or the misogyistic necessity to follow a certain rule because of the gender they born in. This way, the communication and the understanding goes both ways.
But then again you also need a partner with progressive mind, not those women who willingly let themselves to be the trophy and proud of being one.
Maybe I really am an anomaly at this because most people don’t see this the way I see it, and that’s why I don’t understand people sometimes.
– April 2015
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