Mengenai Empati

[EDIT] Diskusi di kolom komentar Facebook dengan DOKTER BENERAN membuat gue cukup yakin kalau ini bukan kasus PPD, tapi gue rasa ini tidak mengubah ide yang mau gue sampaikan mengenai empati dan jaga mulut, so I’m leaving the post as it is. With that in mind, please read away.

Baca berita soal kasus ibu yang membunuh anaknya itu dan gue merasa sangat-sangat sedih. Bukan hanya karena beritanya, tapi melihat komentar yang ada di dalamnya.

Secara biologis gue jelas nggak mungkin mengalami yang namanya depresi pasca melahirkan karena… y’know, nggak punya rahim to begin with. Makanya gue berusaha nggak komentar apa-apa karena setinggi apapun level empati gue, gue nggak akan bisa paham apa yang semua perempuan ini rasakan. Gue cuma bisa mencoba memahami kondisi mengapa kasus ini bisa terjadi tanpa memberikan penghakiman apa-apa.

Karena menjadi seorang ayah adalah salah satu impian gue, maka sudah sewajarnya gue membuka mata soal ini. Memahami masalah ibu, masalah perempuan, adalah sesuatu yang sangat krusial dan kebanyakan laki-laki sering miss.

Lalu gue membaca komentar-komentar di berita tersebut dan… sakit sih. Bukan karena membaca komentar laki-laki sok tahu, sok religius dan minim empati, gue udah expect kerak selangkangan macam begitu akan muncul, tapi karena membaca komentar dari sesama perempuan.

I expected more empathy, more comforting PoV, more stories being said to give the clueless men to understand more, but… none was actually found.

Iya ada komentator perempuan yang simpatik, yang berusaha menjadi voice of reason di tengah-tengah kegilaan ini, tapi sisi lainnya terdengar jauh lebih kencang. Orang-orang dengan mulut jahat yang menuduh macam-macam, mereka yang sok tahu dan mendadak jadi “ahli psikologi” sampai yang menurut gue paling parah… mereka yang meremehkan si ibu karena sudah punya pengalaman melahirkan sebelumnya. Mereka ini yang cenderung paling jahat komentarnya.

Tapi bukankah memang selalu begitu? Kita cenderung sok tahu dan sok jago untuk hal-hal yang kita pernah alami sebelumnya, merasa bahwa kalau kita bisa maka orang lain pasti harusnya juga bisa, melupakan bahwa masalah yang mungkin nampak sama di permukaan bisa jadi sangat berbeda di prakteknya.

Karena kita tidak tahu keuntungan apa yang kita miliki dibandingkan orang lain. Kita cenderung took our blessing for granted; melupakan fakta bahwa kita mungkin lebih kaya, lebih pintar, lebih stabil secara psikologis atau sesederhana kita punya lebih banyak teman.

Menjadi judgemental itu manusiawi, gue pun sering memiliki pikiran dan omongan jahat semacam itu. Tapi ada baiknya kita coba tahan sedikit sebelum kita beneran post/comment di area publik karena kita tidak tahu seberapa besar pengaruh tulisan kita ke orang lain yang membaca. Terdengar munafik memang, tapi ada baiknya yang jahat-jahat itu dilepaskannya di area yang lebih tertutup supaya yang mengkonsumsi juga bisa lebih tersaring.

Coba pikirkan aja kalau komentar jahat mengenai ibu malang itu dibaca oleh seorang ibu lain yang sedang mengalami stres pasca melahirkan. Stres yang sudah ada akan makin di-amplify karena komentar yang sebenernya juga nggak ada gunanya.

Buat apa sih? Terdengar pintar di kolom komentar detikcom? Cukup percaya bumi sebulat tahu aja kalian udah terdengar jenius kok di sana.

Your voice have effects. Use it wisely, please.


So yeah, about that shit…

…I did get paid.

I apologize to people affected by the smoke. I know the whole campaign and the framing it serves might hurt you directly or indirectly so I apologize for being the part of this.

You can leave now, but if you happen to wonder why I wanted to get paid for tweeting stuffs like that and risking to jeopardize my reputation for such small amount of money, please read along.

It happened on one afternoon when someone contacted me asking for joining a buzz team to talk about forest fire, an issue that’s always being talked about lately due to the smoke and smog it caused. My initial thought was: “hey, it’s a good cause, no? Small money for raising awareness, why not?” and I stupidly said yes without even bother asking about the details thinking that I can do small research later on.

But turns out the campaign start pronto.

I saw how it went and since the topic was about turning this whole forest fire situation into national disaster status and I though: “yeah this might be awee bit political but hey, national disaster status means more exposure and this whole fire situation would be handled as soon as possible, right?” (answer: not really, but that’s another story) so I thought it’s all good. The campaign then ran over the weekend with briefs being sent on the D-day less than an hour before the campaign started, then the whole conversation went kinda sour. I began to question the situation but I didn’t really pay attention (nor tweeting, actually) because I was on a date.

At this point y’all might see me as an ignorant motherfucker (and a shitty buzzer) so yeah… that was my biggest mistake; not paying attention.

I realize how dire the situation was much later in the campaign and ended up tweeting the hashtag with stuffs outside the brief to save my ass but it is what it is now.

Honestly if any of y’all be mad at me, please do, I deserve that. Hell, I even mad at me.

One, for being reckless in saying yes and not doing my homework first.
Two, for letting myself getting played supporting cause I’m not believe in.
Three, for not having enough cojones to walk away when I feel there’s something wrong.

But hey, it’s all said and done. I’m just here to explain the situation and honestly I’m much much much more pissed to myself than most of you might be towards me. I can stay silent, if y’all track my tweets y’all find that I was tweeting “safe” stuffs (I didn’t delete those) with that longass hashtag and I can walk away denying that I was ever be the part of this campaign.

Yet I put this out anyway because I owe myself a set of honesty and I have to own my stupid, stupid mistake.

If somehow I still sound like I’m defending myself here, I’m sorry probably it’s my human instinct speaking and probably because I am still mad on something else.

Because on the flipside, I feel like I’m tricked into this situation. I didn’t sign up for this war and literally NO ONE bother to put out any mitigation plan to save the buzzer’s ass when shit hit the fan. The one handling the campaign pull a Pilatus and doesn’t seem to care about the buzzers, plus the business relation doesn’t matter to me that much since I don’t usually buzz anyway. So put me on your company’s buzzer blacklist for all I care, I don’t give a fuck. Thanks for reminding me why I spent good amount of time in my life avoiding to buzz commercially.

Be mad at me, but kindly acknowledge that there’s some people else deserve your anger whom future business relation you should question as well.

I’m not innocent nor trying to impose myself as one, but if you manage to read this far, take this as a cautionary tale that you should tread carefully before taking part in matter like this. When it comes to movement, do something you really-really believe in. If you want to get paid, do commercial buzz only on commercial stuffs and make sure the company you buzz ain’t problematic. Life’s easier that way.

Paling mentok rate lo di-mark up.

…I should stay away from this business.

Thoughts on Batman V Superman – Spoiler Stuffs

This is not a good movie. There are problems in story and how the narrative being delivered. It seriously could do more with better writings and storytelling. But I left the theater happy and excited. I wanna watch it again and I can’t wait for the extended director’s cut version. I’ll tell you why later.

This long writing will be oozing with spoilers, plots, and all that such so please skip this if you haven’t watch the movie

So the problems. The story is extremely predictable, it’s the very basic story of two heroes fighting because of misunderstanding and shit happens because of the mwahahahahaha guy want to take over the world or something. This is as basic as Kreyshawn’s “Gucci-Gucci”. But basic is not alway bad, ain’t it? Deadpool’s story was basic as fuck and it still delivers well. The question is” does it executed well?

Well… not really. There’s a lot of “why the fuck” and “how the fuck” ensued (especially Lex-related) as well as Lois Lane that slowly turning into walking cliché. There’s some specific scenes where I groaned madly and have something to do with Lois.

And it kinda affect Supes as well. This movie somehow is void of any character development that we got from the previous movie. I really expected to see how killing Zod affected his character, how it change him as a person, but that’s just void. That being said, Henry Cavill is already Supes. He already walking in his skin and I see the Man of Steel on screen. Props for that.

There are a lot of complaint about why he interfere with Batman’s action, why he pick a fight with him, but that’s actually quite simple: Batman simply kill and hurt people without remorse. It really against his boy scout value and it could rise an interesting conversation about the value of “justice” because both heroes enforced their own. But the movie didn’t deliver that well. They just tease with the idea when both guy met at Lex’s party and make the reason seem weak.

Same thing with Supes’ trial. it could’ve been more, could’ve raised a lot more conversation, a lot deeper. The movie seems rushing on the informations and hoping us will connect the dots on our own. Sadly, had they been focusing on these things more we can relate with both heroes more and make us more invested to the fight between those two.

And Doomsday’s use is just plain lazy. I can’t defend that at all. Tho this is the second time I see tentacles in Snyder movie after MoS. I wonder if there’s a pattern here…

By the way, Batman kills people, yes. Straight up bam-bam Frank Castle type with machine gun and blowing up cars and it’s totally out of character. Batman have a strong no-kill policy and he just ignore that in this movie. Some people have problem with it but I am intrigued because of the banter between Bruce and Alfred clearly show that they’ve been through a lot and there are changes in Bruce after all these years.

Alfred: “That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.”
Bruce Wayne: “Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?”

And I’m intrigued, I’m curious about what happened that make Bruce throw all those values out of the window and be the man he is? What triggered all the nightmares, the fears, and the movie left us hanging with assumptions.

Pretty much like Supes’ scream after he killed Zod in previous movie.

Snyder seems to just having too much fun playing with “subtlety”, semiotics and subliminals. He tried too hard to “show, not tell” and it’s extremely problematic when the picture is dark and grainy.

Perry White: [to Clark]: “You don’t get to decide what the right thing is!”

Now I sound like I hate this movie, but I don’t. I really don’t. I really got invested with the opening scene, I was on the edge of my seat and feeling Bruce’s emotion when his building collapsed and he looked at Supes with anger. When he run straight to the falling building and helping people with his own hands… that’s Bruce. That’s fucking Bruce and I LOVE it. The Bat v Supes fight also insane, and the climax with Doomsday is just fun to watch.

I love every single Batman moment here, he was strong, brutal, and fucking scary. I really am hoping Suicide Squad do this Batman justice (no pun intended). Kudos for Affleck, I have faith on this guy since the announcment day and it really pays off.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman have a lot of potentials and I can’t wait to see more in her upcoming movie. Say whatever you want about her physicality but this woman can fight. She’s elegant, seductively classy, great sense of fashion and really beautiful as Diana Prince, badass mofo as Wonder Woman.

I talked with a friend and we both agree (I think) that Lex is a decent villain. He’s DCEU Shane McMahon (or Martin Skhreli) and I want to punch him on his fucking teeth. So I guess it works. Even though I think he got less interesting as a characted during the last 20% of the movie, especially when he talked about how his dad hit him. A bit too sudden. And his ploy is too convinient. I believe there can be better explanation on what and how he do things but please refer to Snyder’s narrative problem. His dialogues are awesome though, so fucking despicable and campy I love it.

There are fair amount of action scenes, and every single action is perfectly shot. It’s beautiful, brutal it’s rough, but it’s totally clear and I can see what happened on screen. I can see every punch and kick, it gets my adrenaline pumping, the action scenes are exactly the kind of actions what I want to see from this movie.


Unrelated note: the Batman fight scenes here make me believe there’s a big Raid influence to Hollywood.

Alfred is also great. The wit, the mannerism, the delivery, it’s perfect. It’s not the traditional butler-Alfred, but I can’t say no to this new approach of Alfred. It’s great, really great.

Seriously guys, I’d love to talk more but I will sound like a rabid fanboy. There are so many things I enjoyed and this movie made me a happy fan, even though with all its flaws. I will watch it again for the third time and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming DCEU movies.

Let’s end this with the proper song.


Untuk Intan

Halo Intan,

Aku sempat ragu haruskah aku membalas suratmu dengan cara kamu mengirim (yang berarti ini mungkin baru bisa kamu baca besok malam) atau haruskah aku balas langsung?

Tapi kamu tahu bagaimana aku lah, makanya kamu bisa membaca ini malam ini alih-alih besok ;).

Pertama dan sangat pertama, aku ingin mengucapkan terima kasih. Terima kasih sudah berani mengungkapkan perasaan yang mungkin tidak banyak yang bisa mengutarakan, apalagi melalui medium yang cukup publik seperti ini. Dan jujur saja lah, siapa sih yang nggak senang mendapat surat cinta?

Kamu menuliskan banyak sanjungan, banyak curahan perasaan, dan sejujurnya aku merasa tidak pantas mendapatkannya.

Segala kebaikanku yang kamu saksikan itu bukannya sesuatu yang tak berpamrih kok. Untukku, menolong dan mendengarkan masalah seseorang adalah cara terbaik untukku terus mengoreksi diri, mengingatkan diriku bahwa masalah dalam hidupku bukanlah masalah terbesar yang pernah ada, dan semua itu juga membantuku mendapatkan rasa nyaman karena aku merasa… “dibutuhkan”.  I’m a selfish human being with selfish intention of living and I admit that, don’t give me too much credit, hahaha.

Aku sering berkata bahwa “never put your love for someone else above your love for yourself” saat ini aku ingin meminta itu dulu ke kamu.

Jangan pernah merasa kamu tidak cukup cantik.
Jangan terhambat imaji yang kamu tempel ke dirimu sendiri.
Jangan berpikir bahwa kamu “kurang” untuk pasanganmu, siapapun itu.
Jangan merasa minder untuk sesuatu yang tidak perlu.

Dan biar bagaimanapun kamu ragu, jangan pernah menunjukkan itu kepada dunia. Cobalah berdiri, jadilah manusia yang kuat dan tantanglah dunia dimulai dari menantang dirimu sendiri dengan menghapus semua “tapi” di hati.

Karena cinta yang paling abadi seharusnya adalah cintamu kepada diri sendiri.

Terima kasih untuk membagi perasaanmu, terima kasih karena sudah membuatku tersenyum malam-malam begini.

Dan terima kasih semangatnya. Tunggu hasilnya ya 14 Februari nanti :).


Star Wars: Flaws and Perfections

Let’s talk about the new Star Wars. And yes there will be massive spoilers here so step in with caution.
I’m gonna talk about Kylo Ren. By this moment, I’ve read enough complains about Kylo not scary enough, that he’s not on par with Vader, a wannabe, that he’s emo, all those stuffs, ha-ha predictable joke, move along.
What I can’t believe is a lot of people seems to overlook what he is as a character. When they say that he’s a poser, that’s what he actually is as a character. Think about it, from the moment he open his mask, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not as dangerous as people (both in the movie and us audience) believe he actually is. The voice change, the speaking tone change, he’s practically a different character when he open his mask. Dare I say, we are literally and figuratively looking at Ben Solo there.
Oh he is strong, he is dangerous. It’s pretty obvious from the way he still able to stand and fight after receiving a blaster shot straight to his ribs when normal troopers got easily thrown in the air the moment the very shot hit them. He’s mean, capable, but on top of that he is still young, his training isn’t complete yet thus why he still have that instability and the need to show off his power whenever he fails.
You know what they say. The more you are capable, the more you will be content and silent.
That’s actually the problem with making this movie parallel with Episode IV, people will expect everything to be the same, including the villain. And like everything in the world, expectation kills. But the flaws are what interesting about him as a character. He’s young, he’s emotional, he’s still unsure about the path he’s walking in, and we most likely will see him grow to be something menacing.

And I like that.


I like the fact that he isn’t *that villain* yet, because it gives a lot of room for character improvement and we will see our villain grow alongside our hero.


We all know how the stereotype “A Hero’s Journey” goes, that’s what Star Wars is all about. And what I see here, there are three characters that going through that journey: Rey, Finn, and Kylo. Three of them have that story arc during the course of the movie.


Though I gotta admit, only Finn that got a complete arc. Kylo arguably is a changed man at the end of the film, and Rey is… there just to be cool.


Let’s change our focus for a bit, shall we?


Some people have problem with Rey, including me. At first I thought it’s because of her being too perfect, but after some time I realized that that’s not really the case.  The problem with her isn’t about how strong she is, but how not-weak she is. Along the course of the movie, she barely lost; even when she got captured she still wins. She practically spent the entire movie being likeable badass chick. There’s nothing really wrong with that, but we don’t really get a chance to feel her downtime to connect with her. The “fate rejection” when she ran into the forest didn’t work as well as I expect it to be as well. It was too abrupt and there’s not enough setup for that, it feels like it was there for the sake of being there (Hero’s Journey, remember?).


I’ve seen people throwing gender card here, saying that: “people are okay with Anakin and Luke being perfect, but once the main character is a female, nooooooo she’s a Mary Sue.”


No. That’s not the case at fucking all.


First of all, Anakin was laughable on the first movie. Can anyone seriously say with a straight face that Episode-I Anakin was a great character, or even care about him back then? Seriously, the only reason people remember him was for the bad acting and the reason why no people complained about him being a super special space Jesus is because there was too many things to be complained about that movie.






About Luke… go try watch Episode IV-VI again. Yes he is “special”, he still save the day (not really, actually) at the end. But see how he get through his whole arc; he kept on failing, he got his arm chpped off, he lost his lightsaber, he can’t get his X-Wing out from Dagobah Swamp, and even at the final fight scene, his dad was the one that dealt the final blow.


The problem with Rey (at least what I have) is how hard it is for me to connect with her. She’s more into a wish fullfillment. Actually I just realised that putting her side-to-side with Luke isn’t really accurate, it would make more sense to put her side-to-side with Han Solo.

Think about it: Han barely fails, he’s always cool and he get the girl. He shot first, have the last comeback line, and even when he fails he stil get out in a bang being cool as fuck (remember the carbonite freezing scene? He said pretty badass line there).
Maybe this is where the gender issue falls in. Generally speaking, Han is a wish fullfilment for the dudes, while Rey is a wish fullfilment for the chicks. They are the character one wished to be and when the gender got flipped it’d be feel a bit disconnecting. Neither are bad characters, they just happen to fullfil someone else’s wish.
But then again, maybe. I haven’t watched the movie for the seci\ond time so I don’t have time to really dwell into the subtle detail.
Aaaaaaand I got off track. I will write more about Star Wars it seems, so until next time!
– M

Bima Satria Garuda (so far) [SPOILER WARNING]

(“So far” ini maksudnya “sejauh ini” ya, bukan “muke lu jauh”)

Jadi, Bima Satria Garuda sudah mencapai episode ketiga, dan sejauh ini belum memenuhi ekspektasi gue atas sebuah serial tokusatsu yang “keren”. Ada beberapa hal yang bisa gue maklumin, ada beberapa hal yang menurut gue harusnya bisa lebih baik lagi. Here goes.

Ray adalah karakter yang sejauh ini tidak terasa nyata, lepas dari berbagai usaha menjadikannya karakter tiga dimensi. Dia memiliki latar belakang yang kuat untuk melawan Vudo, namun dia juga memiliki alasan untuk tidak bertarung sebagai Bima, kalau dia mau. Tujuan dari semua konflik ini adalah untuk membuat kita mengerti dan bersimpati terhadap masalah dan beban yang dimilikinya. Sayangnya, presensi Ray sebagai karakter utama di seri ini sama sekali belum terasa, bahkan terasa dangkal kalau dibandingkan potensi yang dimilikinya sebagai karakter utama.

Sebagian mungkin karena Chris belum bisa menjadi aktor yang cukup baik untuk menjadi karakter utama, line-linenya masih terasa dihafal dan dibaca, bukan diucapkan. Keberadaan dia di sana masih terasa sebagai “aktor pemeran Bima” alih-alih “Ray Bramasakti”. Dan ketika dia sendiri masih terasa canggung sebagai Ray, bagaimana mungkin para penonton bisa mememberikan simpati mereka kepada si karakter itu? Sebetulnya karakter-karakter lain pun aktingnya cenderung yagitudeh (selain Stella), tapi memang Chris yang paling banyak kena karena dia adalah karakter utama dan potensi karakternya pun lebih dari sekedar “jagoan” doang.

Sebagian lagi karena alur cerita yang terlalu tergesa-gesa memasukkan banyak konflik dan memperkenalkan banyak karakter dalam satu episode (yang cuma setengah jam) sehingga para audiens tidak memiliki cukup waktu untuk memahami relasi antar karakter dan membentuk opini pada karakter tertentu.

Ray, secara spesifik.

Jujur, gue nggak ngerasa kita perlu tahu siapa dan apa latar belakang Vudo di episode pertama. Kita cuma perlu tahu bahwa “bumi diserang”. Adegan pengenalan eksperimen ayah Ray dan narasi mengenai Vudo di sana itu lebih banyak memakan waktu dan tidak memberikan impact apa-apa, justru akan jauh lebih baik ditaruh di episode-episode nanti untuk memberikan sedikit misteri yang membuat audiens penasaran, bukan melempar semua itu in-your-face. Waktu yang digunakan di sini justru lebih baik dipakai untuk menggambarkan relasi antara Rena-Randy-Ray, hubungan mereka, apa yang membuat mereka peduli satu sama lain, dan seterusnya.

Ya, gue hadir di presscon dan tahu mengenai hubungan darah mereka, tapi audiens menonton apa yang ada di televisi, bukan membaca press release. Andaikan gue nggak hadir di sana, gue pasti akan bertanya-tanya mengenai siapa siapanya siapa.

Karena penggalian relasi yang kurang ini maka gue tidak merasakan emosi dari Ray saat dia harus menyelamatkan Randy di episode kedua. Bahkan alasan mengapa Randy diculik pun gue nggak tahu sama sekali, it happened just because, as a plot device for the first showdown Bima versus Topeng Besi.

Terburu-burunya cerita ini pun juga terasa di episode ketiga, dengan mulai adanya monster Lizardion yang menculik orang dan membuat onar tanpa motif jelas, dan menelan orang dengan motif yang masih tidak jelas. Kita bisa bandingkan dengan seri-seri monster-mingguan lainnya (dari Kamen Rider sampai Power Rangers) bahwa setiap monster yang diturunkan memiliki tujuan yang jelas, sehingga modus yang dijalankan terlihat masuk akal.

Mungkin memang banyak elemen cerita yang masih belum diperlihatkan, masih ada 23 episode lagi, dan tidak fair untuk menghakimi secepat ini. Namun kalau 3 episode awal gagal menarik penonton untuk penasaran dan ingin tahu lebih lanjut kan repot juga, sayang ceritanya.

Selain masalah ini, kualitas audio pun sangat mengganggu gue. Gema yang terlalu banyak di Mikhail, suara menggerung yang overdone di siapapun yang berhubungan dengan Vudo, dan suara Bima yang dubbingannya nggak nyatu dengan suara sekitar. Gue masih bisa memaklumi kalau kualitas CGnya tidak sebagus seri luar karena permasalahan teknologi dan budget, tapi kualitas audio bukanlah sesuatu yang harusnya tertahan karena itu.

Masih banyak sebetulnya yang pengen gue sampaikan, cuma takut malah jadi ngalor-ngidul jadilah segini dulu.

Gue tahu persis apa yang mau dicapai, dan gue rasa anak-anak kecil yang merupakan target utama serial ini seneng-seneng aja nontonnya, tapi penggarapan cerita yang setengah matang ini membuat gue cukup kecewa karena tingkat keseriusan Jepang dalam menggarap hiburan yang “cuma buat anak-anak” adalah satu hal yang menjadi alasan gue suka dengan industri hiburan negara ini, tokusatsu pada khususnya. Sayang aja senjata utama yang menarik target market yang lebih luas dari anak-anak ke seri Bima Satria Garuda ini justru cenderung tumpul.

Lepas dari semua rant di atas, mungkin lo akan berpikir bahwa gue tidak suka dengan seri ini. On the contrary, gue senang menontonnya. Menurut gue, koreografi action scene dan kostumnya sangat bagus dan sangat menghibur untuk ditonton, begitu pun dengan camera worknya di momen-momen seperti ini. Tapi ada masalah yang memang perlu di-address untuk memperbaiki apa yang sekarang kita dapatkan setiap minggu. Gue sangat ingin seri ini berhasil, dan gue harap siapapun di tim produksi Bima tidak menganggap ini sebagai letter of hate.

Me and that little boy in me have hope, and we still do.

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Man of Steel (SPOILER!!!)

Yeah, a big fucking spoiler warning in the beginning so you know what you’re going to read here.

It’s hard to make a Superman movie, let a lone a perfect one. It’s because Superman is an ideal, a myth that people know and love for ages, a perfect hero with perfect morality.

Or so they say.

For me, there are no Superman, because event the last son of Krypton have his own flaw in almost every version of his story which I believe is what Snyder/Nolan/Goyer is aiming for in Man of Steel.

For the record, I’m a goddamn Batman fan because shitload of reviewer seems to have the need to emphasize how much of the fan of Superman they are, let me state that I bat for the… Bats.

Lame joke aside, let’s do the review.

What are the flaw of this movie? For me, it’s the flow. Snyder took a ballsy choice by telling the story in non-conventional linear way people are used with. There are complaints after complaints about this making the audience confused , but that’s not the problem (seriously people, pay attention to the movie and stop chattering, it’s not that hard to follow). The problem is, fhe flow between scenes are… stiff. It feels choppy and it’s a bit distracting because the visuals are great. I guess Snyder is trying out a new style, but that don’t work, at least for me.

Second, not enough time on some character. I’m not saying that the character aren’t developed, I’m saying that some of them aren’t developed enough in the audience heart to have impact when something happens to them. For me, Pa’ Kent’s death scene didn’t work really well because I haven’t love him enough at that point… but the last scene with cape, dog, and Pa’ Kent fixing his car really works because by then I already feel the emotional connection with the family. It’s a pity because I know I should feel like crying in both scene, but I only did in one scene.

There are several others, but those two are the most things that bug me when I watched the movie. So let’s go to the story.

I’m not a critic, not a professional one, at least. I’m also not a BIG comic book fan, I’m just a reader that reads anything on the reach of my hand. The only major Superman title that I remember reading through was The Death and Return of Superman, the one with Doomsday. I might have read some others, but that’s the biggest title I can remember when I heard the word “Superman comic”.

So I watched this movie as a general audience and a comic book reader, yet this movie satisfy me because it shows how people grow, how people make mistake, and how people struggle through the hard times.

Clark finding it hard to fit in as an alien on earth. He feel different because of his power that he can’t control as a kid, and have to surpress as he grow up. His family is supportive, yet his dad is against the idea of him showing or using the power because the world isn’t ready yet. Pa’ Kent is so persistent with this idea, he’s willing to die in tornado to protect his son’s identity and even have the thought of letting other people die.

I love this. A lot of people are saying that this isn’t the Pa’ Kent they know, and I totally understand that, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this idea because it’s so human. It’s human to be selfish (come on, letting your son watch you die when he could’ve save you IS selfish), and it’s human to be wrong.

When Clark asked Lois: “my dad think the world isn’t ready. What do you think?”, he also ask the audience. What do you think, is Pa’ Kent right, or is he wrong? Is the world ready for a Superman? The movie doesn’t give us the clear answer, it only shows that the world NEED Superman, and he come in the time when he’s needed, with his limited capability.

People always imagine Superman as if he’s a perfect being with limitless power and flawless morality. This movie deconstruct that idea by giving him a limit no movie has give him before.


Like I stated before, Man of Steel is a movie where people grow. We see Clark grow as a kid, as a youth, and as an adult, each with its own problem and mostly deal with he try to contain his emotion and not letting his power loose. Superman isn’t born perfect, he’s nurtured to be a good guy, he’s a good guy at the end, but he’s still human. He can still get carried away by his emotion and make mistakes. There are great balance here too, he’s born as the first Kryptonian that are free from pre-determined life role (destiny?), but he has to restrain himself on Earth, so he’s not that free.

Some people might root for Zod for following his role and destiny. He’s not wrong, he only want the best for his people. Some might blame Jor-El for being selfish by launching his son to Earth and abandon the whole planet, some might disappointed by Pa’ Kent’s decisions and words (as I mention above), and Superman’s decision to kill Zod, but that’s how life is. It’s not black and white, it’s not good and evil. This movie have a sense of realism, of choice the character are making, the morality and pressure behind it, and I like that. It’s something I hope from a comic book movie nowadays.

And for crying out loud, this is the FOURTH time Zod incarnation being killed by Superman. He’s already used to it, and we should too. And it’s not like he have any better options, that dude is more than willing to kill the whole planet and the Phantom Zone’s door is already closed, with no prison on Earth could contain him. What would you do?

One thing most people seems to forget, this is his first gig as superhero, he’s inexperienced and not yet have his full power. He just a boy from Kansas with superpower he’s not allowed to use and he have to fight an army of Kryptonian that was born and raised as warrior.

So yeah, the destruction and the recklessness is inevitable. And in the comic I mentioned before, the destruction caused by Superman’s fight with Doomsday is also big with a lot of people died too. And that was the experienced Superman.

And Superman isn’t the only hero here. Lois play a big part as a hero, not as a useless damsel in distress like she always did. Does she still need to be helped? Sure. Can Superman save the day without her help? I can say, without Lois, the Earth will get destroyed. That was the best part of Lois in this movie, she really live up to her background as a famous reporter and not just a pretty face. yes, she discover who Superman really is, but… how can an investigative reporter fail to see who’s the man behind the glasses? I prefer this version of Lois more than any previous versions.

There are many things people nitpick in this movie, and for every nitpick there’s always the answer in the movie (aside from the suit in the ship, that was weird). For me, this is a good movie, an enjoyable one with great action scenes and good story.

Will I show this movie to my children in the future? Surely I will, and I will tell them that a hero doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to be super, and doesn’t have to make all the right choice. They only need to do the best they can do for what they believe in.



p.s: can I have a threesome with Faora and Lara? These Kryptonian women are so hot they should be illegal to enter this planet.

p.p.s: am I the only one expecting Pa’ Kent to end up in Oz?

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